Monday, February 1, 2010

Jane Regan's Videos on Haiti Community Radio
A visit to Radyo Zetwal Peyizan (Radio Star of the Peasant) in Fondwa, Haiti, and an interview with the director to talk about how the earthquake destroyed the radio and about the importance of community radio stations in Haiti. The visit was carried out by SAKS (Society for the Animation of Social Communication), a small non-profit that works with community radios and promotes popular communication in Haiti and is part of the AMARC's Haiti emergency response efforts - (less info)


katherine micaela said...

This video from haiti is so depressing. A lot of people are suffering. I pray for the recovery of the place. Hopefully a lot of people will survive from the devastation. These situation is not funny at all.

Stacy said...

Interesting experience .. Really, after what happened in Haiti leave many impressions of what happened .. The reality is that we should all try to help and buy viagra