Thursday, June 12, 2008

Laser Tagging

Korean demonstrators are using a form of laser graffitti that was developed at the Graffitti Research Lab.The translation of this is: "PRESIDENT LEE MYUNG-BAK IS FIRED" The translation of this is "STRUGGLE UNTIL THE DAY OF VICTORY!"


bestonline323 said...

I think at least they are civilized enough to use laser graffiti and not like other places where they use and ruin buildings and communities.


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jonair said...

a better translation for the last one would be "Agora in Victory, and V" rather than "STRUGGLE UNTIL THE DAY OF VICTORY!" Agora means the title of a popular disscussion forum site based on one of commercial portal in korea - At the moment of candlelight protests, so many users in Agora self organized out to the street even with their banner.
- dongwon (one of doing that digital graffiti.)

eLKaran said...

There is a companie in spain that use this technique for marketing event. Check out his showreel here: