Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Difference between Journalism and Communication

Alfonso Gumucio Dagron defines "communication". This interview was made in the Deep Dish office in New York City. Gumucio's new book, Communication for Social Change, co-authored with Thomas Tufte, is a collection of historical and contemporary readings that look at communication and development. Alan Alda has said about the book, "This idea is flowering at just the right time because it is becoming increasingly clear that communication that doesn't go both ways doesn't go anywhere."

Gumucio's article about social change and media (in Spanish) is at http://www.geocities.com/agumucio/ArtMosqueteros.html

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Jananka said...

Alfonso makes an important distinction that needs wide recognition. But in his eagerness to differentiate between journalism and communication, he seems - probably inadvertently - to dismiss journalism lightly. Ushering in social change needs BOTH journalism working in the mainstream and citizen media, as well as communicators using other forms of localised, non-media methods. The social change agenda is too vast and too urgent for it to be attempted by one group alone.