Thursday, December 2, 2010

Punch and Judy by Amy Trompetter

This is a Punch and Judy performance from several years ago in Willow, NY.
Amy Trompetter has been performing the classic Punch and Judy show for decades.  She recently was scheduled to perform it in Rhinebeck, NY, as part of a Christmas Fair. However she received a notice from the festival director that the "Mothers' Committee" had decided to cancel the play because it was inappropriately violent.
From the British Telegraph:
Oh, the heart sinks at the news that a Punch and Judy puppeteer in Portsmouth has been told to tone down Punch’s violence. Poor Daniel Liversidge has had to take away Punch’s whacking stick and replace it with a floppy mop, and add positive messages in to his show.
Punch and Judy is like Tom and Jerry – ritualised, cartoon thwacking that bears no relation to real violence, unlike violent films which try to make the shooting and the hitting as real as possible. Like all great fantasy, seaside theatre is a release from the horrors of everyday life; not an encouragement to recreate them.

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