Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dublin Community Television Celebrates One Year on the Air!

Looking Left 2 : The Ripening of Time from DCTV on Vimeo.

From Sean O Siochru:
I am proud to say that Dublin Community Television, following more than a decade in planning, lobbying and building, is today celebrating the first birthday of its official launch last July. With seven full-time staff, lots of short-term people and volunteers, we now produce up to 40 hours a month of community programmes (as well as broadcasting selections from around the world), much of it in our new state-of-the-low-end-art studio. This volume of own-produced stuff puts us second only to RTE - the public service broadcaster here!

You can find out more about DCTV at, and we go out on cable all over Ireland (Republic only!). But you can also stream our own-produced programmes from Vimeo (the cheapest way we could find to stream high quality), and all can be torrent-downloaded (all creative commons. of course). See: videos/sort:date for about 55 programmes, including local and international campaigns; drama made by school children, our own news programme called The Sound; and lots lots more.

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