Friday, June 22, 2007

Hannah Sassaman on Democracy Now

Hannah, one of the leaders of Prometheus Radio, leads a song for the new station in Tennessee. The words are:
Nashville, Nashville,
Here is your radio station
You better use it
Before the Zombies
Tune to another frequency
Radio, radio
Low Power Ra-Di-O
For the people
Who want their voices
To find a wave!
Hannah was on Democracy Now! this morning. Hannah Sassaman of the Prometheus Radio Project spoke about a series of developments that could result in the creation of hundreds – if not thousands – of new non-commercial radio stations. Legislation has been introduced that would allow the FCC to grant more licenses to low power FM stations. Meanwhile the FCC is opening the door for new non-commercial and education full power radio stations.


Hannah Jane said...

wow -- i'd forgotten about the zombie song! thanks!

clark said...

I heard it over the radio. Fighting for democracy.

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